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The B.P. IMBALLAGGI was founded in 1978, with the experience and specialization of the same men that introduced in Italy the first paperboard triple wave instead of wooden crates.
SCART Imballaggi The company is Organized on an area of 6540 square meters, in witch 4,500 square meters are covered. The Bp Imballaggi is specialized in the processing of sheets of heavy cardboard boxes triple wave in developing their problems entirely inside thanks to two units cardboard and wood.
The cardboard department uses modern machinery in the specific field of the double and triple wave processes, allowing highly specialized species for the boxes of large size
The wood department is always at the service of the carton, and it complete and ensures the reliability and quality of the product.
The two departments provide a global service that BP Imballaggi offers its customers to solve their shipping problems.

In recent years BP Imballaggi has become part of the SCART GROUP, along with Scart Imballaggi companies located in Bibbiena (AR) and Vodi Pack based in Milan, both companies specialized in industrial packaging.

VODI Pack Imballaggi The focus in accepting the demands dictated by the market has found its main expression in the ability to search the best balance between technical requirements and the impact of the cost of packaging, the guarantee of high quality and certified check in the articles.
This, today, is realized into being thanks to the constant interchange between our group companies and the best domestic and foreign suppliers. One way to think about market-oriented, high concept of quality, service and versatility, makes our team a leader in industrial packaging, offering a different range of solutions:

- Heavy-cardboard boxes with two or three waves, completely custom die-cut boxes.
- Pallet-size, collapsible crates and crates of plywood, spruce and its derivatives.
- Polyethylene Foam Packaging-amortized.
- Polystyrene Packaging.
- Packaging-insulated interior with ashlar.

The daily collaboration between our companies of ScartGroup allows us to satisfy with the absolute punctuality and reliability any kind of technical requirement by combining the experience of a talented staff that has been working in the packaging sector.