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Our group designs and manufactures custom corrugated packaging capable of containing machinery, equipment, equipment parts etc.. for export worldwide.
The heavy corrugated cardboard absorbs shock and vibration of the trasport allowing a safe overlap of heavy parcels.
carton packaging it is light to air transport, robust and resistant to transport by road or rail, water resistant and approved for transport by sea. Versatility, customizable and recyclable drastically reduces the volume of empty packaging.
The production lines that we have allow us to develop special processes to design and flexographic printing. With a high technological level of the machinery used as well as an high quality of raw material we can remedy the most common problems:

- Cardboard-product with wave flattened or tilted;
- Cover-damaged;
- Cardboard-arched.

Cardboard box FEFCO 0200

carton packaging

Applied in

mechanical sector electronic etc.
Can be used as packaging to protect
products already positioned or can be used inverted, with a top cover for protection.

Cardboard box FEFCO 0201

Applied in each sector, this type of box usually has a close-fitting layers both above and below. Can be realized with partially or fully overlapping flaps.

carton packaging

Pal Box (Pack with Pallet preassembled)

Light and easy to handle, is appropriate to pack any kind of goods. It is shipped flat and assembly system is simple and fast: introducing the rafters of polystyrene into their sleeves, we closing the bottom and the packaging is ready. The beams in polystyrene also function to amortize any impact that the pack is subjected.

carton packaging

Cardboard case with springs

This type of case has multiple modes of use. Its characteristic to fixing spring pack makes is completely safe and facilitates the mounting of the same. Fixing Actions like nails, staples, etc. are avoided, so also improving the safety of the packaging itself.
Reinforcements vertical in plywood or in pine allow to contain and protect important structure, without squeezing or bulge the waves of the cardboard.

carton packaging

Packing Hive

This particular type of packaging allows, thanks to special die-cut, made to customer's request, the containment OF multiple items FOR the FULL protection BETWEEN them, even WHEN stacking.

carton packaging

Collapsible packaging

Packed WITH important technical characteristics. Thanks TO the quality OF the box provides a high LEVEL OF protection AND resistance IN the stacking. Fully collapsible, makes easy transport AND storage. The assembly OF the packaging IS very easy.

carton packaging

Super Export Packing

This particular TYPE OF packaging IS able TO offer an high stacking strength, THEN indicated FOR the transport AND protection OF heavy material.


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These are only some photos about our works.
Our strength is the creation of custom packages that meet all your needs.