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imballaggi Wood



 Image enlargement: wood Packaging Our group designs and manufactures wooden pallets of pine and various derivatives, 2 and 4-way, to combine with related cartons boxes, plywood boxes, folding boxes or crates.
The pallets products allow to speed the movement of great quantities of goods from one place to another.
This utility is equal to storage goods at client's farms, WHERE it allows the best use OF the surrounding SPACE.

 Image enlargement: wood Packaging


IS a TYPE OF interchangeable pallet OF satisfactory quality AND standardized, assembled following the main European conventions AND NATIONAL packaging AND its waste. The feature that sets it apart IS its regeneration AND, consequently, its reuse.

 Image enlargement: wood Packaging

Plywood boxes WITH springs

This TYPE OF CASE has multiple ways OF use. Its characteristic OF fixing spring make this pack completely safe AND facilitates the closing AND the opening actions by the END customer without fixing LIKE nails, staples, etc., so also improving the safety OF the packaging itself.
In contrast TO the cardboard boxes, has greater reach AND IS primarily used TO large structures.
Our realizations include the production OF plywood boxes HAVING NO springs, THEN USING actions such AS fixing nails OR staples.

 Image enlargement: wood Packaging

Folding CASE

This folding CASE, entirely realized IN birch, although its large SIZE, makes easy the transport AND the storage.
Thanks TO the quality OF the wood used FOR their production, these cases ARE very resistant.
 Image enlargement: wood Packaging It can be apply an internal reinforcement TO protect it FROM possible damage AND TO keep IN line large objects.
The coverage IN VCI prevents the ACTION OF corrosive agents ON the object.

 Image enlargement: wood Packaging

Folding CASE WITH internal

This folding CASE, realized IN plywood OR pine make easy trasport AND storage.
This particular TYPE OF packaging allows, by USING special blanks hives developed AT the request OF the customer, the containment OF various items FOR the FULL protection BETWEEN them.

 Image enlargement: wood Packaging

Reusable plywood boxes

The CASE realized IN plywood, it features a molded interior.
 Image enlargement: wood Packaging This material allows FOR static protection OF the packaged product HAVING significant damping characteristics.
Another feature OF this product IS the special locking called "clak".
This facilitates the opening AND closing OF the CASE, WITH the possibility OF inserting a seal anti shoplifting.


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These are only some photos about our works.
Our strength is the creation of custom packages that meet all your needs.