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Thanks to its chemical and physical properties, the foam is the ideal material for modeling packages with features locking, stiffness, damping and thermal insulation.
It 's a transparent material, hard AND rigid, WITH discrete mechanical properties AND resistant TO many liquid chemicals.
It 's a good electrical insulator and thermal and it's moisture resistant.

Polystyrene box WITH internal

Polystyrene packing

This particular TYPE OF pack IS characterized by shaped polystyrene internal WITH the task TO block AND isolate the product, AS well AS protect the same amortizing ANY shock caused by EXTERNAL factors.
Fully customizable, packing WITH polystyrene interior can be used IN ANY packaging industry that provides the FULL protection OF the packed product.

Polystyrene packing

Polystyrene Packaging WITH dividers

This package includes inside it a NUMBER OF polystyrene dividers that have the task OF protect the products contained, BOTH FROM EXTERNAL shocks during transportation OR storage, either by internal shocks BETWEEN different products, eliminating the danger OF collision BETWEEN them.
The pack developed TO levels permits, IN ABSOLUTE safety, the containment OF a large quantity OF products IN order TO optimize transport AND storage.


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