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Polyethylene Packaging

The closed-cell polyethylene foam or open, rolling products of different thicknesses allows to design custom packaging solutions.
Our group is able to accommodate both small orders and large quantities of order The TECNOCELL is elastic, protective, recyclable, renewable and assimilated during the disposal.
The polyethylene is presented as a transparent solid with good insulating and antistatic properties, it is a specific material with a very low cost.

Polyethylene Packaging

Absorbing pallet

The pallet in pine wood and various derivatives, 2 and 4 way, that we produce can be assembled with polyethylene inserted between the two plans, this allows more shock absorbing that affected the pallet during transport and stacking . Thanks to its neutrality and non-toxicity allows direct support of the the product on the plate.

 Polyethylene Packaging

Shock absorbing Packaging

This particular polyethylene blanks inserted inside the box have the task to immobilize the content and protect it from any shock or scratch.
The interior is fully customizable to customer's request.

 Polyethylene Packaging

Packing FOR flat AND curved

Packing characterized by internal trestles, covered WITH polyethylene, ON which the glass will go TO lean ON.
The use polyethylene IN this packaging has principally the task TO prevent the glass splintering, amortizing ANY impact that the pack likely TO be incurred during  Polyethylene Packaging transport OR storage.
The pack IS completed WITH an cardboard box outside, OF different thicknesses, that IS responsible FOR resistance TO perforation AND crushing.

 Polyethylene Packaging

Packing Card

This cardboard box IS characterized TO an internal rusticated.
The rusticated, can be OF various thicknesses AND different qualities: clear, antistatic AND conductive.
May also act TO protect the package contents WITH cushioning properties.
At the CLOSE OF the packaging, the material IS totally surrounded by the layer IN ashlar, thus ensuring total protection.


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These are only some photos about our works.
Our strength is the creation of custom packages that meet all your needs.