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The attention of every detail to the satisfaction of our customers

The Bp Imballaggi s.r.l. distinguishes itself for many years to the care and attention dedication to their customers. The experience acquired in many decades in business, wide knowledge of packaging materials and our professionalism are the guarantee of our work. Today as yesterday, our experience is available to our clients to assist them in the selection of innovative and customized packaging solutions that guarantee protection of their products.

-Customized Packaging: Surely it is the area that mostly characterizes our company. Our strength is to study and make specific packages that satisfy totally the needs of the customer. Whatever is the product to be packaged, whatever the conditions of carriage, your product has to travel safely, and a specific packages is the best guarantee.
In the design phase of the package are studied all the possible combinations that allow to create a finished product that responds to customer needs and allows the complete security during transport and stacking of the packaged product.

Drying plant -Customizing your package: Using high-definition flexographic printing, we can customize any package with text or logos requested by the customer. A packaging edited to the smallest detail in the prints became the first form of advertising of the product inside and the first form of advertising of your company.

-Consultancy: Our work goes more than the one already described. After the design, the test and presentation of the product, Scart Group is able to provide a technical consulting service managed by specialists in packaging and resolution of all those possible related problems, in order to offer customers an efficient service. For each new type of packaging that is designed and made totally customizable is associated a complete Testing phase, where we are going to check the resistance to compression and perforation, test for the pahse of transport and stacking.

-Transportation: Thanks to an efficient "vehicle fleet" the Bp Packaging Ltd delivery all over the country with the absolute punctuality and reliability. Thanks to other companies of ScartGroup, deliveries are made with a rapid timeframe and with considerable cost reductions for transport.

-Efficiency: The development of innovative projects allows us to offer different packaging solutions finding the best balance between the technical needs of the customer and the impact of the cost of packaging, ensuring the highest quality and constant checking of these processes. Relationship with the best international and domestic suppliers of raw materials allow us to offer efficient and competitive products in all markets.

With these components we can create any type of packaging, from the standard to more particular.

Our mission is to answer to specific customer needs by designing and building the package they need.