Scart Group was born and has specialized in the production of industrial packaging with corrugated cardboard, heavy cardboard for export the products worldwide and lightweight cardboardfor the movement of product in the national territory and beyond.

Thanks to 4 productive plants, located throughout Italy and compounds from 9 latest generation of automatic production lines in the cardboard packaging production, Scart is able to design and provide any kind of solution, with extreme quality and customization.

With over 13,000,000 square meters processed annually, our group is able to produce internally Gifco boxes to customer specific requirements, die-cut and self-tapping boxes, hives, dividers and many other industrial packaging products.

Our production capacity, due to decades of experience in this area allows us to customize any type of cardboard packaging with flexographic, digital and HD printing.

Scart Group's strength is to realize tailor-made projects that go far beyond the classic concept of packaging, and embrace more amplifier fields in terms of product customizing, to meet the specific needs of each customer.