Wood and plywood

Scart Group has specialized in the production of industrial packaging with fir, plywood and its derivatives, respecting the applicable phytosanitary regulations.

Thanks to 4 productive plants, located throughout Italy and compounds from 16 latest generation of automatic production lines in the fir and plywood production, Scart is able to design and provide any kind of solution, with extreme quality and customization.

With over 38,000 cubic meters of fir and 10,000 cubic meters of plywood processed annually, our group is able to produce internally custom tailor-made bases, French folding boxes, reusable spring lock boxes, crates and  other structures related to industrial packaging.

ScartGroup's strength is to design customized packaging, combining several materials to meet the goals of industrial packaging:

  • Cost
  • Green
  • Security
  • Logistics

Scart products are all certificated FITOK, a certification that speeds up customs switching and ensures full respect for the environment and safeguarding forest heritage in favor of sustainable development.